Spotlight on Junk King’s Truck360

Junk King is reimagining the junk removal industry with next-level efficiency thanks to the latest addition to its Junkware operations system, Truck360. This feature not only puts Junk King ahead with its innovative use of technology, but it also supports the central part of Junk King’s mission of staying “green” by reducing paper use in day-to-day operations.

The Truck360 feature is ending the need for paper checklists or third-party software, streamlining management and making it more efficient for franchisees to maintain their truck fleet. The program hosts many features to make operators’ jobs easier and faster including inspection, reports and GPS tracking.


All Junk King trucks go through inspections before and after services to ensure the best quality service is provided to the communities. With Truck360, these inspections are faster, more accurate and overall, better for franchisees. With an online checklist, there are no missed steps of an inspection, making sure every truck is ready to go the first time. The program also puts together inspection reports with comment and photo capabilities to simplify the identification of issues and any maintenance needs.

Real-Time Alerts

Managing multiple trucks can be a heavy load, but with Truck360, franchisees can get real-time data about the whereabouts of each truck that is equipped with GPS, ensuring that trucks are on track. Franchisees can keep their fleets accountable, boosting customer satisfaction.

From streamlining operations to reducing paper waste, Truck360 is the key to operational efficiency. As Junk King continues to reign in junk removal and recycling, Truck360 exemplifies its dedication to operational excellence and technological advancement.

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