Join the Junk King team, a Leader in the Hauling Industry

Our Customers Agree: Junk King’s Service Is the Best!

In 2014, Junk King was the highest ranked customer service organization in North America, with more promoters and fewer detractors than any other company in the United States!

Junk King’s goal has always been to reinvent the junk hauling industry by developing a technology-driven business management franchise in a traditionally low-tech industry. And, as a result, today we are a premier white collar business system in a largely fragmented blue collar industry.

Having already launched over 100 franchises in both the US and Canada, Junk King has grown to become a dynamic brand that is well-positioned for sustainable growth for years to come.

Own A Junk King Franchise: It's Easy to Get Started

Unlike many other franchise opportunities, Junk King makes the process simple and easy.

When you join our Junk King team of outstanding franchise partners, you're joining one of the best service organizations in the country!

Many of our franchise partners are successful business people with small business ownership and executive level management experience in diverse industries including sales, marketing, operations, and even other franchise systems.

But we also have successful franchise partners that are teachers, Navy fighter pilots, accountants, health care professionals, lawyers, moms and dads!

If you're ready to take the next step, simply fill out and submit the form to the right. You will receive an email from us shortly thereafter.

The Simple Steps to Junk King Franchise Ownership


Initial Contact

  • Complete an inquiry form on our website or call us at 1-888-887-JUNK. One of our Franchise Development team members will call you for an initial 10-minute call to discuss your interest.

Junk King Franchise Presentation

  • Our Vice President of Franchise Development will walk you through the details of the Junk King Franchise model to help you gain a deeper understanding of our business.

Review the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)

  • You will be disclosed to the FDD, which includes important information about our Franchise.


  • You will speak with the department heads on individual phone calls and have an opportunity to ask questions. During this process, you will also meet with our CEO, who will demo Junk King’s proprietary software that helps you run the day-to-day of your business. We will also conduct a background and asset verification check.


  • You will have the opportunity to speak with existing Junk King franchisees.

Request and Sign the Franchise Agreement

  • Once you are ready to take the final step in becoming a Junk King Franchisee, we will confirm your territory and you will request and execute your franchise agreement. Then, the launch of your new business begins!

Our discovery process typically takes about four to six weeks and is designed to provide you with all the information you need to determine if we are a right fit for each other.

Ready To Get Started?

Junk King is looking for people who are excited to join a dynamic organization that is committed to serving customers, franchise partners, communities, and the planet. Junk King’s impressive growth has been fueled by our recycling-based junk removal model and our commitment to world-class customer service. In 2014, Junk King became the highest-ranked customer service organization in North America, with more promoters than any other company in the United States! Junk King’s goal has always been to reinvent the hauling sector by developing a business management franchise that is driven by technology in what has traditionally been a low-tech sector. So, be sure to fill out and submit the form to the right and, if you have any questions or issues in the meantime, please email Thanks!

Ready to Learn More?

Whether you’re a business owner looking to expand your portfolio, or someone who has never owned a business before, a Junk King franchise can be the best path to your future. So, If you are interested, take the next step by simply filling out and submitting the form to the right. When you do, you’ll receive an email from us shortly thereafter. And if you have any questions in the meantime, please email We can’t wait to hear from you!