A Greener Future Is Starting with Junk King Cincinnati!

By the very essence of their work, Jack Brendamour and his team at Junk King Cincinnati foster global environmental responsibility every single day.

The pursuit of Hamilton County’s 513 Green Certification gave the team insights into the alarming decay rates of common materials in landfills, and Styrofoam quickly emerged as a significant concern—it comprises up to 30% of global landfill waste and never decomposes. However, with the right tools, it’s recyclable.

Junk King Cincinnati worked to acquire a Styrofoam densifier, creating solid bricks usable for various purposes like park benches, clothes hangers, and insulation boards. Plus, they even offer a free service for collecting clean Styrofoam from local residences.

Built on a Vision

The team in Cincinnati carries forward the legacy of late operator Pete McCreary by deeply ingraining their commitment to sustainability into their culture. Pete’s vision of a junk removal company dedicated to donating, recycling, and repurposing items for those in need continues to drive Junk King’s mission today.

A perfect example of this purpose in action involved a gentleman from a nearby nonprofit called ‘Ramp it Up,’ which installs ramps for veterans and others in need. During a visit to Junk King’s Cincinnati facilities, he spotted a ramp neatly wrapped with all its hardware taped to the rails. To our team, it was just a few hundred dollars’ worth of aluminum. But to him, it represented something far more valuable—a $6,000 ramp. For the elderly veteran who received it, installed at no cost, it meant freedom.

‘People are generous,” Jack said. “One person’s junk is usually another person’s treasure. You just have to make the connection.”

Inspired by Jack’s and his team’s dedication, here are five tips he shared to help you make a difference in your own corner of the world:

  1. Minimize Food Waste: Plan your meals, store food carefully, and embrace leftovers to reduce food waste and its environmental impact.
  2. Say No to Litter: Take a stand against littering and its harmful effects on the environment by disposing of waste responsibly.
  3. Recycle Responsibly: Be mindful of what you recycle, separate materials properly, and look for opportunities to repurpose items whenever possible.
  4. Consider the Big Picture: Think critically about the environmental implications of your choices, from energy consumption to product use and longevity.
  5. Look to the Past: Learn from the resourcefulness of previous generations and adopt sustainable practices in your daily life.

Interested in joining the movement? Consider franchising with Junk King and become part of a network dedicated to making a difference in our global community.


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